School Leadership Team

SLT Meeting: April 29, 2021

Start time: 6:00pm-End time: 6:45pm

Members Present: Maria Diaz, Julia Masi, Anthony Dimonica, Maria Tack, Alicia Torres, Ada Galan, Sandra Perez, Lucia Rojano, Amarilis Estevez, Ms. Jimenez, Deyanira Hernandez, William Zhumi, Ines Leon, Magdalena, Jarellie Tallez, Vanessa

Principal’s Report: Given by Ms. Diaz

Life's Mission 

To Get Our P.S. 24 Children Reading So That Their Life Goals Are Not Diminished

Health Awareness

No New Covid-19 cases since February 2021
Most Covid-19 cases have been in the remote learning community of P.S. 24
NYU Nurse is collecting the height and weight of our students

School News

5 day in person learning started this week across the grades. Destinations were based  on staff, space, and capacity. CDC guidelines are strictly followed to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
5 day in person students must be in person everyday or the student will be marked absent on the days they do not come as per DOE guidelines. 
Guidance Counselor vacancy-  interviewing are beginning  for the position. Looking to hire a person who understands our school community and will be able to support our parents & teachers. 
There is a FREEZE on many positions at this time.
Other staff vacancies for the upcoming school year/preference sheets 

School Registration

Pre-K and New Kindergarten students, please accept your seat at P.S. 24 on myschools.

Future Enrichments

Building up the Arts, Dance, possible cooking in our school in the future.
Possible Dog therapy dog 

Summer Program Fun

Summer Rising- FREE summer program. Our school has 130 seats for all students in and out of the school. Parents are responsible for registering their children for the program. Time is from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm is academics- 12:00pm to 6:00pm is enrichment. For more information please visit the DOE website.

Calling On All SLT Members For Planning

All Members Need To Be Fully Involved
Update Comprehensive Educational Plan for the coming school year
Review the School Goals 
Put action plans in place for the coming school year

UFT Report: Given By Ms. Masi

Retirement Incentive: Doesn’t believe it will affect the PS24 community
Not sure about parent choice for remote. The UFT is looking at ways they can bring all staff back 

PTA Report: Given By Mrs. Torres

Welcome New Executives to the PTA- last week elections were held New Member are-Maria Tack and Coral Cerron (Co- Presidents), Reina Luna and Ines Leon (Co-treasurers), Sandra Lopez and Carmen Gonzalez (Co-secretary) 
Coffee With The Principal- breakfast was served in the  morning of April 20th for grades Prek-Kindergarten, May 28 will be for grades 1st  to 5th.
Voces Ciudadana-Lawyer Advice coming May 7- focus will be on housing, know your rights

Next Meeting Dates: May 27, 2021