School Leadership Team

SLT Meeting: September 30, 2020

Start time: 6:00pm, End at: 6:57pm

Members Present:  Maria Diaz, Julia Masi, Wanda Muniz, Alicia Torres, Ada Galan, Anthony Dimodica, 

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020  @ 6 pm

Zoom Meeting

UFT Report:

  • We have an abundance of PPE. Sufficient PPE to last until the end of October 

  • Ventilation report was good

  • Teachers will report to her if classrooms are not clean 

  • Was able to get an additional air purifier. 

  • Bedtime Stories available Mon-Fri at 5pm

  • Social Saturday- Every other Saturday

  • Book Clubs- Coming Soon 


 Principal’s Report:

  • Sufficient PPE Masks, gloves, face shields, thermometers, gowns, air purifiers (office, isolation room, nurse office) 

  • PS39 PTA wants to help with ways to gather funds 

  • We have an art, computer science and gym teacher 

  • Students receiving instructional PE daily.

  • Ms. Santos will be setting up workshops for the staff and parents

  • Looking into a GED program for parents


PTA Report:

  • Meeting with district office tomorrow re: voting for new PTA members. 

  • Donated supplies to all the students. 

  • $9000 still available from Go Fund Me, $200 more were donated after that 

  • Bought balloons for Pre-K first day of school 

  • Why do we only have 4 students in one class? Diaz- It depends on programming, spacing, ICT, Dual, SETSS, Bilingual ICT, Sibling or simply many families have opted for remote after they chose blended. 

  • When will the letters for “mandatory” COVID testing will be sent to families? Diaz- we just received them today. Copies were made and we are awaiting additional guidance tomorrow. 

  • An organization is claiming to be collecting funds for PTA’s. I asked PTA to please report it to the district office. 


Diaz- Please help us spread the word about supplies that have not been picked up. School aides have been calling. 


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