School Leadership Team

SLT Meeting: December 17th, 2020

Start time: 6:00pm; End time: 6:46 p.m.

Members Present:  Maria Diaz, Julia Masi, Wanda Muniz, Alicia Torres, Ada Galan, Sandra Perez, Anthony Dimodica, Jennifer Nguyen

 Principal’s Report:

  • Health and Safety- Two people have tested positive. One remote and one in person; one classroom being closed

  • School Opening Five Days a Week: Currently we are serving close to 65% of students in person. 18 staff members are working remotely (11 teachers out of the 18). To provide continuity and avoid change of teachers, the teachers at PS24 are working with both in-person and remote students. Our staffing, space, and capacity does not give us the flexibility to bring all students back in. 

  • CEP Goals quick recap:

ELA: By June 2021, there will be a 10%+ Increase, from 29.5% to 39.5%+ of the All Students achieving at and above grade-level benchmarks, as measured by Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels.

MATH: By June 2021, there will be a 5%+ Increase, from 23.6% to 28.6%+  of All Students achieving at Level 3 & Level 4, as measured by NYS Math Exam Results.

CHRONIC ABSENTEEISM: By June 2021, the Chronic Absenteeism rate for All Students will Decrease 7%, from 19.1% to 12.1%, as measured by the Chronic Absenteeism rate.

SCHOOL SURVEY: By June 2021, the response to the questions "Teachers say that students respond to challenging questions in class" will increase 25% (from 48% to 73%) as measured by NYC School Survey question." 

  • Action Plan- Share from CEP 

  • Budget Allocation: 

-Parent Workshops for January and February: Time Management, Tech Workshop, Study Home Environment, MYON PD, Goal Setting, and Motivation

-Student Support: Grades 3-5 will be participating in a Saturday Academy for 10 weeks for ELA and Math Support commencing in January. We are working on inviting 

  • Kinder and Middle school applications are opened. Ms. Taylor is working on a video to share with families. 

  • Teachers are participating in regular professional development for our reading program Expeditionary Learning and with Liz Irwin a math consultant from Southern Crossing. We will be revisiting our budget for funds to provide PD during the day. 

  • Great Leaps (Anthony Dimodica) w/ paras to support students in grades 3-5; Director donated 25 subscriptions and donors choose 20 subscriptions (shout out to Dimodica)

  • Reading Rescue (w/ Christina and other paras) servicing students 1 & 2 in reading intervention

  • SLT Member votes will take place on Tuesday 12/22/2020

UFT Report

  • Mulgrew meeting 12/16 with chapter leaders - President-elect Biden wants to have all blended kids back in schools 5 days a week within days of him being in office

  • Looking at NYC schools because biggest district (because of vaccines); if a school had blended attendance of 35% or less, it is implied that 5 days a week is wanted

  • Some schools in NYC still closed because of high COVID rates; also assumes that teachers are willing to get vaccinated (many have expressed hesitations)

  • Teacher complaints about response times of COVID tests (some schools waiting 5-7 days)

  • 2021 will be very political (new Mayor candidates/politicians looking for opportunities in Washington)

  • Other states with quick school reopenings are facing an uptick in COVID rates (hence NYC logistics for 5 days blended will take time to figure out)


PTA Report

  • Gofundme & Donations for families

  • Monday, December 21st - Will be giving out 120 gift cards worth $50 each (for families identified via survey)

  • Anais mom (former parent of PS 24) - got a donation from an organization 

  • PTA meeting yesterday and only 4 members showed up (not able to contact 2)

  • Because of school opening and closing, hard for PTA to be active BUT Making hoodies to sell 

  • Bingo cards for $5 with donated prizes

  • Tuesday/Wednesday - PTA will be handing out candies for kids as they leave

  • The staff has donated 37 board games (for families that filled out the survey)


Next SLT meeting - January 21st; February 25th 

Next PTA meeting: January 14th; February 11th



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